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Pest Control Services


Pest Control Services Bonney Lake

Burien Washington has a mixture of industrial, commercial and residential homes and businesses throughout its city. Common pests that Bug Busters Pest Control sees on a daily basis in Burien: Rodents, Spiders, Bedbugs, Wasps and Ants.


Sanitation is the biggest key when dealing with most insects or pests. If there is overgrowth on a home or business it makes the building a very inviting place for pests to move in.


The need for Pest Control in Burien has been on the rise in recent years due to the development. Pests are forced to areas to find home that they usually do not go to such as apartment buildings or someone’s home.  


We protect peoples homes and businesses from these invasive pests and educate you on what can be done to prevent them from happening on your property again.


While we cannot control the environment completely we can do our best with the biology of the pests and industry experience to give you the solution for your home or place of business.  Give Us A Call Today To Send Those Pests Packin!

Pest Control Services Bonney Lake

Fantastic customer service on the phone. We had these weird little whiskered bugs and did not know what they are. We called Bug Busters and had them look at the pictures we took online. Came to find out we had Silver Fish. Which are common in Washington. The office staff then told us what they recommend we should do to remove the pest from our home. Great and easy process with this team. We are recommending them to our next door neighbor who was having the same issue.

Burien, WA 98108

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