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Ants come in many sizes and by the thousands at any time. Some ants are just a nuisance and get into everything and some will do as much damage as Termites to your home.


After 31 years of treating all types of pest here in Western Washington we find that Bed Bugs are the most difficult pest to eliminate.


Mice and Rats are a part of the NW. With our winters being very mild we are seeing rodent populations exploding.


Anyone of us can bring a roach home, in a grocery bag, a pizza box, and even from a mail order package.


Box Elder Beetles are a common pest for those of us that live around evergreens....They come to our homes looking for a place to spend the winters and they will return year after year will all of their family.

stink bug.jpg

This has not been a common pest here in Western Wa. But with the climate changing they are quickly becoming a large nuisance and we are seeing more and more each year. Most people think they are roaches because they are being found all over their homes.


These little monsters seem to just show up one day without warning and when they do you want them gone NOW. 


Termites are not a large threat to our homes and buildings here in Western Wa. Although this maybe be lucky for us, when Termites are found they are always active.


Spider control is a requested service from almost everyone. Almost all of our spiders in Western Wa. are harmless but they do create a nuisance for almost everyone as they build webs everywhere you need to walk. 

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